Organizational Contributors

Corporations are small communities, each one has its own government and various contributors that make it work. They have their own social structure and culture as well, within which each citizen must find their place. Just as a community has a farmer, baker, grocer, doctor, teacher, etc, a company has its contributors and each one is just as vital to the success of the company as the others.

Leadership – without leadership the company looses its direction. Leadership provides the government within the organization as well as defines the company culture and social structure. This is the driving force that keeps the company on course and makes decisions that impact the future direction of the company.

Expansion Team – without it the company will stagnate. Their concerns are online branding, outreach, building relationships within the community, etc. All the things that allow a company to be seen and heard so it’s products/services can reach those who would benefit from them.

Delivery Team – without this team there is no product or service. Within the Delivery Team there is another sub-community and hierarchy of contributors. Here you have your technical experts, qualified individuals who can produce the widget or service to fill the clients’ needs.

There are greater complexities and sometimes a company is small enough to have individuals filling multiple roles but each role needs to be filled by someone. In a community, if the farmer stopped growing crops and instead went to help the grocer then the grocer would eventually have no product to sell. Likewise, if the grocer stopped selling groceries and went instead to sew crops then there would be no delivery system in place when the crops are ready.

If the Expansion Team neglects their role and works instead to help the Delivery Team then the company looses its future. If the Delivery Team works primarily on expansion and in the area of Marketing then the company looses its present. Leadership’s temptation is to dive into the details – if, in doing so, they lose control of the rudder the company looses its vision – the “can’t see the forest for the trees” problem. Although there may be some cross over, each role must be filled. The extent to which any of these roles are neglected will be reflected in the strength, or lack of strength, of the company.

It seems so simplistic, so obvious, and it is. But sometimes we need a reminder that some things are just not that complex.

Stacy Brown


About Wait! Wait! I've Got an Idea!

I love to talk about what makes us squirm...that's always where the truth is.
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