What’s contagious about fish?!

Pikes Place Market…an iconic fish market that is world reknown…how does a fish market become world reknown? I’m not going to analyze that here, there is more than one factor determining success or failure but I am going to talk about Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and improve Results.

Northwestern Business practices are unique and not always accepted as “best practice” in other parts of the country but there are successful companies that have demonstrated how such methodologies work to create a company recognized worldwide.

For example, are your employees working for a paycheck or are they invested in your vision for the company? Does it matter, or do you just want them to do their job as pieces of a machine that provides the product or service you’re selling?

Of course it matters.

A cohesive company with a creative culture that allows for visionary thinking offers products and services that far exceed those of the machine companies. Individuals aren’t “employees” they become participants, driven by a feeling that they are part of something special or unique. That doesn’t negate the need for leadership and a captain to steer the flow of ideas and passion but it does allow the participant’s energy to feed the vision. The passion of one person can start a company but in order for it to grow, that passion needs to be contagious.

If your employees aren’t enthusiastic about what you’re doing then your clients aren’t likely to be either. Have you ever called a vendor and wondered to yourself whether or not you should apologize for interrupting this person’s day? Customer Service training can take you so far but you can’t teach someone to express a passion that isn’t there.

Are your employees doing what they’re told and no more or are they creatively looking for opportunities to make themselves and their company more valuable to your clients. If they’re passionate about what they’re doing then all teams will become part of the marketing team. An employee that becomes familiar with their client’s needs can potentially take your company beyond it’s original scope by looking for opportunities to provide new products and services.

I have a client that has successfully created enthusiasm for their brand. I’m proud to say we’re part of their “Sales Team” and fully capable of delivering that same enthusiasm as we represent them. By that I mean that my team works just as passionately as their people do to make their customer’s experience a positive one. As we represent them we are able to pass on the enthusiasm we have for our products and services to our client’s clients. My goal is to have someone say they “Love ‘Widgets Inc'” because of our contribution…because of an encounter they had with our people that reflects well on our client. Making our clients look good is part of our vision.

The difference between a company that has a contagious vision and one that is a machine is dramatic and will eventually show up in your bottom line.

Stacy Brown


About Wait! Wait! I've Got an Idea!

I love to talk about what makes us squirm...that's always where the truth is.
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