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As many people diss internet activity, I’m finding more and more to love about it. I am an avid reader of blogs and every once in a while I find a gem worthy of sharing. To that end, I have added my Blog Roll which is the list of bloggers I consider the best of what’s out there.

I have been reading Michael Bissel’s Conquent blog for 3 years now. He is one of the first Corporate Philosophers I started reading and learning from. His company has blogs for each of their key company leaders that allow them to explore topics ranging from personal to corporate or governmental philosophies. I have never seen a company setup like his – as far as I can tell he is unique in his Corporate Philosophy. He is the inspiration for this blog and many other changes in my career path.

Another writer I learn from and have read for years is Billy Gotta Job. This writer’s expertise is in political and social philosophies. His insightful intelligence is a continuous inspiration to me to see the best in society and individuals. I’m afraid I have a bit of a crush on this guy…his gentle intelligence and depth is all I needed to know.

Christina is a comedian in Portland, Oregon and puts a delightful spin on everyday life as a Mother, Wife and social commentator. In her blog Ten Minute Missive, Christina writes about delights and difficulties in such a light-hearted and loving way that she’s a comfort to her readers as we make our way through life trying to understand family, relationships or even our place in society. Christina reminds me of Erma Bombeck who inspired me with her books on love, family and in the end her struggles with Cancer.

I am now also following Scott Berkun. His new book MindFire is going to be the next addition to my library. He starts his book with a warning/promise – He says he is self-published because he wants to write books that “no publisher in their right mind would release”…that sounds like something I want to read. I love individuals that push boundaries and challenge social, political and corporate cultural mores. He is very much in line with Michael Bissel’s philosophy and I’m looking forward to reading more of his writing. Mindfire is a book of the best blog posts from Scott Berkun’s 10 years of blogging, teaching and inspiring innovation.

If you have any interest in exploring different points-of-view and stretching your boundaries, you will enjoy and learn from the above writers/philosophers.

Stacy Brown


About Wait! Wait! I've Got an Idea!

I love to talk about what makes us squirm...that's always where the truth is.
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