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I’ve started following a few online marketing experts on my private Twitter account, partially as an experiment and partially because I found some people I want to hear more about, like @berkun (Scott Berkun.) As soon as I followed Scott and a few other bloggers I’m interested in, I started getting followed by a bunch of marketing experts, who I followed back.

…ugh, big mistake.

Some of these guys do NOT understand how to utilize a tool like Twitter. I’m getting a bunch of adverts now in my @ stream…those are the tweets that are directed to me specifically. Now I’ve turned what used to be an advertizement free entertainment into “…and now a word from our sponsor.”

So, what to do about it. I have some ideas…that’s a word that usually gets me into trouble…”ideas.” But I’m game for a bit of trouble, it’s the holiday after all and we all celebrate in our own way. My favorite past-time is to play games that people don’t know I’m playing. I’m not going to explain the rules of the game here but this is a prime opportunity to start a new game.

I’m going to start communicating with these advertizers and see what kind of information I can gleen from them. If they don’t respond at all then I’ll know it’s just a program some asshole started up that contaminated my Twitter stream. If they respond then the game is on.

It’s time to challenge a few folks to up their game. In fact, I may start a new Twitter account to work this game a little further.

Stacy Brown


About Wait! Wait! I've Got an Idea!

I love to talk about what makes us squirm...that's always where the truth is.
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