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Fighting the Persistent Perception

What happens if you come across a persistent perception that stands in your way? You get tested…so does your own perception. It’s ok to question your optimism, in fact it’s always a good idea. But once you’ve decided a project … Continue reading

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Acres of Diamonds (Part 2) – A Great Story to Kick off 2012

Acres of Diamonds (Part 2) – A Great Story to Kick off 2012. Creatively exploring new possibilities is a big trend, mainly because of today’s economy. We must be leaner and implement more effective, efficient methodologies in order to compete. … Continue reading

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Innovation vs Quality Control, A Non-Existent Battle

The thought of Quality Control makes most people cringe and start hiding stuff. That hiding stuff method of living is problematic for me and I spend most of my time trying to get people to fess up to their mistakes … Continue reading

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