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When the Impossible Turns Out to be…Impossible

I’m a great believer in overcoming “impossibilities” but even hard-working eternal optimists get hit with the reality that impossible sometimes exists. Tristar MGA is closing her doors on February 15, 2012 after 21 years and those of us who believed in her are trying … Continue reading

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5 Myths of Force Placed Policies

It’s so controversial and yet so vital to the financial industry’s recovery. They’re commonly called Force Placed Policies…Tristar MGA calls them Lender Placed Policies or LPI for Lender Placed Insurance. Insurance is a transfer of risk from one entity to … Continue reading

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Technology is NOT a Bad Word

I sincerely hope technological advancement will become an active topic in our industry because the insurance industry is unnecessarily behind technologically. Technology has advanced far enough to automate many of the activities the insurance industry is still doing manually. Proof … Continue reading

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Acord Forms

There is a battle going on between insurance agents and financial institutions over what is acceptable proof of insurance and what is not. Agents want to use the Acord forms and Financial Institutions can’t accept them because they aren’t binding. One agent … Continue reading

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