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When the Impossible Turns Out to be…Impossible

I’m a great believer in overcoming “impossibilities” but even hard-working eternal optimists get hit with the reality that impossible sometimes exists. Tristar MGA is closing her doors on February 15, 2012 after 21 years and those of us who believed in her are trying … Continue reading

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Fighting the Persistent Perception

What happens if you come across a persistent perception that stands in your way? You get tested…so does your own perception. It’s ok to question your optimism, in fact it’s always a good idea. But once you’ve decided a project … Continue reading

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Let’s Play Shark Tank

I don’t watch Shark Tank but it came up in conversation this morning. It’s an interesting concept and one that interests me as a Corporate Philosopher because it highlights the struggles entrepreneurs fight through every day, from small start-ups to … Continue reading

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